County Car and Van Rental Support Centre

Delivery and Collection Policy

As a general policy, delivery and collection is only available on a case-by-case basis with our prior written agreement. Where delivery or collection is agreed, it shall be on a best-effort basis only and shall not form part of a contractual agreement, promise, or guarantee. Delivery or collection charges are only refunded if the delivery or collection is abandoned (and not re-attempted) at County's discretion. If County elects to postpone a delivery or collection, or it is not completed for any other reason, it will still be charged for. 

Delivery and collection are not normally available to retail customers, by reason of our membership of the UK Government's Rental Vehicle Security Scheme, which requires us to confirm the identity of all hirers and drivers at the rental desk before the rental vehicle may be handed over.

In all cases and without exception, the Hirer's attention is drawn to Rental Agreement's Terms and Conditions of Hire, which states that the rental vehicle shall remain on rent until such time as custody and control is returned to County. This means that any abortive collection for example, will result in the hire period continuing until such time as custody and control of the Vehicle (and its keys) is returned to us. Hirers are therefore advised to ensure they return the rental vehicle to County during office hours if a precise hire termination time and date is of importance to them.